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Watch out! 6 kinds of pot with the wrong is "sin"

From:admin    date:2017-4-11 17:41:44    View:4275

Wok: the most traditional pot
Wok is a traditional kitchen utensils in China, generally do not contain other chemicals, will not oxidation.
In the process of cooking and cooking, there are few soluble substances in the wok. And even if the dissolution of iron substances on the human body is also good. Who experts even believe that cooking with iron pot is the most direct way to iron. High moisture, high acidity, cooking time, such as a piece of food, such as pasta, under normal circumstances, the iron content of 1mg or less, but as in the wok cooking almost as high as 6mg.
However, it was suggested that the ordinary iron pot is easy to rust, the body absorbs too much iron oxide, that is, rust, it will hurt the liver.
Nutritionists believe that, with the cooking pot, the special need to supplement iron children, boys and girls and women's menstrual period is good, but there is no risk of iron deficiency in the elderly, and patients with hemochromatosis, not the best cooking pot.