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The original boiled milk also have skills

From:admin    date:2017-4-11 17:52:59    View:4508

The temperature requirements of milk sterilization is not high, 70 minutes with a temperature of 3 minutes, with a temperature of 60 minutes can be used for 6 minutes. If boiling, the temperature reaches 100 DEG C, the milk lactose coking, and caramel can induce cancer. After boiling, the calcium in milk will be precipitated by phosphoric acid, which can reduce the nutritional value of milk.
Now the milk on the market are sterilized, you can drink directly. However, sometimes also need to be heated to drink milk: one is when the stomach, teeth can not withstand the cold when the milk is two; after opening for a period of time, may occur when bacterial contamination; three elderly and children and other stomach weaker people drink, should be heated before drinking.
Nowadays, many people are accustomed to use the microwave to heat the milk, but this is a disadvantage. Because the microwave heating can not be stirred, fast, bad control is easy to cause milk fat and protein paste on the wall of the container, resulting in nutritional losses, especially for pregnant women, microwave radiation adverse health. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special milk pot heating milk.
A lot of people hot milk, always careless boiling pot, or in the bottom of the pot and the wall paste a layer, resulting in fat, protein, minerals and vitamin D, vitamin C, pantothenic acid and other nutrients loss. Here to teach you a method: boil". The so-called boil a boil, is the side of the side of the milk to observe the change of milk, milk to appear the first "bubble", immediately off the fire. Stir in the process of cooking, the action should be gentle, do not stir up the bubble. Not too much heat, the fire can be. Boil a pot of milk heating method, not only can kill bacteria, but also to maintain the maximum extent of the various nutrients in milk.
Finally, wash the milk pot with a soft tool to avoid causing the milk pot wall wear. Wash with warm water soak for a moment, can also use a moderate amount of vinegar to remove milk stains.