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Multilayer alloy pot with continuous thermal insulation

From:admin    date:2016-11-12 15:39:01    View:15142

Stainless steel pot is the mainstream of the current pot. In general, the characteristics of this pot is a good gloss, but it is easy to change the color after heating, but the heat is not uniform, so the market has introduced a lot of thick stainless steel alloy pot. The stainless steel pot with thick bottom is strong and uniform, so that the dishes can not be cooked evenly and the dishes are delicious. Moreover, the pot has the advantages of heat preservation and heat preservation, and the utility model can achieve the effect of fire when the pot is heated to a certain temperature, and the energy is saved, and the heat can not be dissipated quickly.

It is understood that the alloy pot is generally divided into 3 layers, the 5 layer, the 7 layer of stainless steel, respectively, have their own characteristics. Three layers of stainless steel and aluminum can improve the heat transfer effect and solve the problem of changing the pot; the five layer of stainless steel in general thickness of 1.85~2.3 mm; the seven layer of stainless steel and iron can play the role of magnetic conduction. The more the number of layers, the heavier the weight, the better the insulation effect, the pot can be cooked with a small fire after the fire, a good multi-layer stainless steel pot into the stove to open the fire, even burn 5 minutes, will not turn yellow, color. In terms of emerging materials, a lot of pot will use imported advanced space technology dedicated titanium, super non stick, easy to clean, but also wear, when cooking, there is no smoke, are environmentally friendly products.

Stainless steel pot should be cleaned out after cleaning, can use a neutral detergent, with a sponge or flexible dishcloth cleaning; do not use steel ball, decontamination powder or hard 100 clean cloth to clean the pot, so as to avoid scratches. When the pressure cooker is not used for a long time, the rubber ring of the pot can be stored with edible vegetable oil to prevent aging.