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Winter health please eat three winter food

From:admin    date:2016-11-12 15:39:03    View:14997

White collar winter health eat more "three winter" - Winter Jujube
Now is the winter market peak, individual vendors for more profitable, only need to purchase green jujube, jujube into the hot water pot of seventy or eighty degrees Celsius in the water, dried jujube can gradually become red dates. In addition, the red dates have been added into the pool of sweet and saccharin sodium, jujube will become sweet, crisp and increase weight. The normal listing of winter jujube peel Xiangyang is red, until the red color, red, not colored face background is white, bright skin.
White collar winter health to eat more "three winter" - winter cane
After the winter, many workers often feel dizziness and drowsiness, reduced ability to respond, if can eat Shengjinzhike, throat go dry fruits, can help alleviate the discomfort.
Experts suggest that white-collar workers in the winter may wish to eat some sugar cane, not only can enrich the blood, as well as refreshing effect. Traditional Chinese medicine included in the sugar cane "tonic medicine" category, because the sugar cane has clear heat, Sheng Jin, Qi, Runzao, tonifying lung and stomach special effects. "Therapeutic Materia Medica" records of sugar cane, "the main gas, and gas." "With interest in the diet spectrum" records "sugarcane throat, strong bones, wind and blood, nourishing spleen yin." Wang Chengsheng secretary general said that iron is one of the main raw materials for blood, blood first iron. Sugarcane also contains a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and other essential trace elements, including iron content in particular, known as the "blood".
White collar winter health eat more "three winter" - wax gourd
Friends may wish to eat in the winter to eat some melon. The content of dietary fiber in the wax gourd is very high, and the dietary fiber is about 0.9g per 100g. High dietary fiber content of food to improve blood glucose level is good, the blood glucose index and food fiber content was negatively correlated. In addition, dietary fiber can reduce cholesterol, reduce blood fat, prevent atherosclerosis. Potassium and sodium all affect blood pressure, eat less sodium salt, potassium supplement is a good way to control high blood pressure. High content of potassium salt, low sodium salt content, is a good treatment for patients with hypertension.